【CWC】CrazyWorld Cafe 瘋狂世界咖啡館 (2010 – 2013) is closed

CrazyWorld Cafe ceased operations since 1st March 2013.

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Established in Oct 2010 by Ed & Flo, CrazyWorld was an indie cafe, small-scale music venue & mini design retail store located along an unpretentious, laid-back section of Chinatown’s Temple Street. It was also the first live house in Singapore.

230954_524230590937674_261155267_nWhile it served up a menu of humble Western dishes, coffees, teas, fruit beers, cakes & waffles daily, CrazyWorld Cafe also aimed to showcase & promote local talents in the fields of music & design by hosting ad-hoc music mini-concerts by local and regional acts, plus the retail of locally designed products.


[Who had been there] 

插班生 The Freshman, 意淋 Bevlyn Khoo, 鄭可為Tay Kewei, 迷路兵 Milubing, 石康鈞 Jones Shi, 冯欣慧 Juliet Pang, 恩赐 Shimona Kee, Corrine May, Ling Kai, Nic Lee (of 迷路兵 Milubing), 大風吹 Da Feng Chui, 黑森林 Black Forest, 張祚恩 Zuo En, 阮忠威 Jerome Won, MICappella, 何維健 Derrick Hoh, 陳偉聯 Kelvin, 番嘉麗 Kelly Poon, 薇恩 Xazz, 黃川美 Dawn Wong, 鄭可欣 Tay Kexin, 林思彤 Lin Si Tong

黃雪婷 sNow, 慢行 ManHanD, 宇珩 Yu Heng, 伍家辉 Wu Jiahui

盧凱彤 Ellen Loo, 區新明 Joey Ou, 岑寧兒 Yoyo Sham

棉花糖 katncandix2, 魏如萱 Waa Waa, 陳建騏 Chen Chien Chi, 鄧福如(阿福) A-fu, 黃小楨 Ze’ Hwang, 黃玠 dadado, 史茵茵 Ying-ying Shih


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