【Music】插班生 音樂會 The Freshman @ Star Hostel Taipei 16/2/17

來自新加坡的插班生,2月16日在台北位於台北車站附近的 Star Hostel 舉行了一場小型音樂會。
The Freshman, singer-songwriters from Singapore, held a mini performance at Taipei’s Star Hostel on Feb 16.


As our trip to Taipei coincided with their performance, we knew we had to be there to support them. The cozy little space at Star Hostel was packed full of their friends as well as hostel guests.


看到大家一起high, 有如回到一個好友的家 一樣自在∼
The atmosphere that day was simply electric, it felt almost as if we were in someone’s home.


目前兩位正在擔任張學友“A Classic Tour 學友·經典世界巡回演唱會和音天使,希望在百忙之中 她們能抽出時間 辦多幾場音樂會跟大家玩在一塊。
Currently on Jacky Cheung’s World Tour as backing vocalists, the duo are busy zipping around the world, but we hope that they can find time amidst their busy schedules to do more similar shows for their fans 🙂



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